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We’re on the market! Have been for a bit, actually... Know anyone who’d like to live in a log house (*not* a log cabin) on fifteen acres in the Santa Cruz mountains? Point their (and yours) browsers thusly:

And in other news...

At present, I’m a Macintosh and Teradata (the twain have yet to meet, I'm afraid...) consultant, which means (at least with Teradata) being on the road a lot. From September through December of 2007 I was in Columbus, OH, and from July 2006 through August 2007 I was in Indy. I’ve been home since Christmas 2007; what a relief!!

Prior to that, I spent a bit of time in 2005 at Santa Cruz Biotechnology, filling in while their regular IT support guy was on leave.

I used to work as a messaging applications developer at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL), which is located, popular press opinion to the contrary, in La Cañada Flintridge, CA.

La Cañada can be found nestled in the Southern California foothills between Pasadena (home of Caltech and the Rose Bowl and Rose Parade) and Glendale (home of the Glendale Galleria, the Alex Theatre, and the Crocodile Cantina).

I also adminned the Lab’s Meeting Maker servers; taught the Lab’s Intro to the Internet class (I used to think we’d hit saturation), and boy, was it a good class, if I do say so myself!; and taught a class on Meeting Maker, the Lab’s group calendaring package. About the same time I was teaching, I was a Mac field consultant with the Help Desk and adminned the Help Desk AppleShare server, the original Help Desk Web server, and the Retrospect backup server.

In the real world       ;-), I’m a member of the San Gabriel Valley Mac Users’ Group (SGVMUG) and maCruzers.

I sing (tenor) and play guitar, piano, and tin whistle (so far) at my churches, St John (the Evangelist) in Felton and St Michael (the Archangel) in Boulder Creek. I also sing in the Diocesan Choir. Before we moved to God’s country (that would be Boulder Creek; sorry, Dad!!), I sang tenor in what we used to call (when the world was young and all) the adult choir, at St Bede the Venerable, in La Cañada.

While Kathleen and I were back in Indy, we sang at St Mark the Evangelist and in the Archdiocesan Choir.

I have been found on various race tracks and parking lots around California and points beyond, both behind the wheel and standing on corners, waving brightly-colored bits of cloth (or up in the tower, tearing my hair out) at the loose nuts behind the wheel headed my way. SCCA (the Sports Car Club of America)’s Solo II, Solo I, and amateur racing programs are an awful lot of fun (and lots of now-famous people got their start there, particularly in Southern California). Check out the The North American Motorsports Pages; the guy who used to maintain the Unofficial SCCA Pages, Richard Welty, is doing a great job with his new venture.

In the Los Angeles general area, the SCCA Region is CalClub (California Sports Car Club) (CSCC). The offices are in Buttonwillow; the phone number is (661) 764-5945. Excuse me, did I just say “Los Angeles general area”? What was I thinking???

If your automotive competitive urges tend towards slaloming, be sure to call the Solo II Hotline, (818) 988-RACE; the SCCSCC (Southern California Council of Sports Car Clubs) (the original slalom organization in Southern California) info line, (818) 249-5761 before 10:00 p.m.; and the San Diego Region info line, (619) 441-1333.

The San Francisco Region (SFR), not to be outdone by their southern cousins, is now billing itself as “the greater Northern California area” outfit, based in Willow; their phone number is (530) 934-4455, toll free (888) 995-SCCA.

SFR’s slaloming info can be obtained here: Solo2 HotLine: (650) 599-2615.

Somehow, I got talked into compiling the ELP FAQ (I still haven’t figured out how that happened...). Since I firmly believe in giving credit where it is due, I need to blame the following people for their contributions:

Work-Related Links

Since my life at work (and at home, part of the time, come to think of it) revolves around keeping Macs up and running, and being at least aware of the happenings in the Wintel world, a list of handy sites is a necessity.

Since new sites are being discovered daily, this list will probably keep changing... :::heavy sigh:::

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